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Advance Funeral Planning is the process of planning your funeral before the need arises.

The death of a loved one is one of the most difficult experiences in a person’s lifetime. The feeling of loss, helplessness and disbelief can be overwhelming. If you have ever made funeral arrangements for someone you loved, you know it involves many decisions, decisions that must be made on one of the worst days of your life

Advance Funeral Planning can relieve the emotional burden from the ones that you love. “If you could make it easier for your family, you would. You can make it easier… with advance funeral planning. Advance Funeral planning is a gift from you to your loved ones that shows your deep compassion for them and your understanding of the difficult time they will face when your death occurs. Families tell us that it makes sense to plan their funerals in advance, because it allows you to express your own wishes, it relieves an emotional burden from loved ones, and you can, if you choose, also relieve a financial burden as well by prefunding your funeral.

What about funeral costs? Funeral costs are determined by many factors, most of which are controlled by the selections of the family. Basic costs are professional services by the Funeral Directors and staff; administrative costs, salaries, supplies and merchandise are all figured into the cost of a funeral. Just like food you eat, clothes you wear, and the house you live in funeral cost rise with inflation. There are many options regarding services, and merchandise that can provide you with nearly any level of funeral expense. Whatever your choices are, by choosing to preplan and if you choose to prefund your funeral, you can be secure in the knowledge that your loved ones will feel better knowing your funeral service is taken care of. It’s a gift you give your family that becomes a treasure as time passes. Advance Funeral Planning … Make a difficult time a little easier.


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